“Our 12+ year old lab Ukiah has debilitating arthritis in all of her joints.  Even though she was taking several pain medications, she was in constant pain and it was an effort for her to get around. She actually “hopped” instead of walking on all fours.  A couple of friends recommended acupuncture and luckily we found Dr. Schmidt!  After only two sessions we saw an improvement.  After ~7 treatments, even though she has slight  limp, our old girl walks on all fours!  Her demeanor has changed back to her old self and she’s not in pain anymore!  It’s so wonderful to see her happy again!     We definitely recommend acupuncture to others….we’ve seen the benefit firsthand, and we swear she even enjoys the treatments!  We highly recommend Dr. Schmidt. She truly cares!”

Charlie and Karen - Napa, CA

Ukiah Before Acupuncture
Ukiah after 7 treatments
Ukiah 6 Months After Stopping Acupuncture