Upon returning home from a month abroad I found my almost 11-year-old English Cream Golden Retriever in pretty rough shape. His digestive issues since switching to a raw diet were dreadful. Constant belching, loose stools, nonstop tummy rumbling, gas, bad breath, etc. Not only that, he just looked like he didn’t feel good. Low energy, walks were exhausting him, the pain from arthritis seemed much worse and possibly a little depressed from my absence. My heart sank.  I booked a consultation with Dr. Schmidt who came very highly recommended to me by my chiropractor. His lab had just undergone ACL surgery and I knew he had done extensive research and was thrilled with the results and relief his dog received from treatments with Dr. Schmidt. The consultation confirmed my concerns but also gave me a terrific game plan and tremendous hope. I transitioned him to a homemade diet Dr. Schmidt created custom for his needs. We started acupuncture on day one. Switched to new supplements and Chinese herbs and in less than two weeks I have a dog bouncing with health and vitality. It is nothing short of miraculous. Every single digestion issue is gone. He has so much energy and spring in his step my boy is even running again, albeit it a short distance. He is absolutely bright eyed and bushy tailed. I call him Benjamin (Baxter) Buttons because he is aging in reverse! I have found Dr. Schmidt to be the most intuitive, compassionate and talented vet and healer I have ever encountered. I have no doubt she has given us the gift of many more quality and pain free years.

Mindy - Napa, CA