Our dachshund Sadie underwent surgery to repair injured discs in her back which had left her rear legs paralyzed...  As she recovered in the vet hospital, we talked to a lot of people who recommended acupuncture treatments to help a pet regain use of its legs.  When we started treatments she regained her energy and started walking around the house... Sadie had also lost control of her bladder, and required our help to urinate. Dr. Schmidt adjusted the acupuncture treatment which helped Sadie control her bladder better... Dr. Schmidt is a loving and compassionate veterinarian, who understands that the animal is not the only patient she must deal with. Our experience with Sadie and Dr. Schmidt convinced us that acupuncture is definitely a beneficial treatment to help dogs recover from spinal injury... She regained her freedom of movement and the ability to walk around her neighborhood and experience life again. For that, we will always be grateful to Dr. Schmidt

Kort and Laurie - Napa, CA