“My wife Debbie, and I have known Dr. Kimberly Schmidt for over 5 years and have grown to appreciate her on many levels. Her holistic approach to caring extends beyond our pets (we have 5) and includes ourselves and our interaction with our animals.

For us we applaud Dr. Schmidt's understanding that each of our pets is an individual and will require a customized caring regiment and when needed a customized treatment plan. These plans will often be based in both Eastern and Western medicine. Additionally we appreciate the fact that she understands that a plan that benefits one of our pets but doesn’t work for Debbie, myself, and our the other animals in our home is not a viable solution. 

As our dog Indi (who is now 16) continues to develop age related conditions Dr. Schmidt has guided us down a path of using not only traditional pharmaceuticals but additionally "alternative solutions" to help him continue to enjoy life. These have included herbs, acupuncture, and essential oils. We recently ran out of one of the herbs and I was shocked at how much of an impact the herb was having on our boy. He truly became uncomfortable in his own fur. After resuming the herb he returned to his happier self.

Indi receiving an acupuncture treatment

Indi receiving an acupuncture treatment

We thank Dr. Schmidt for all that she has done and continues to do for us. Happy pets make our happy home even happier.”

Doug and Debbie - Napa, CA