Food Therapy

Food is medicine.  What your animal eats can help to promote overall health and wellness and it can also help to heal.  In Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine (TCVM) food is an integral part of the medical therapy that your animal will receive.  

Along with providing acupuncture and herbal medicine, Dr. Schmidt will assist you in choosing the best food for your pet.  She is a certified veterinary food therapist (CVFT) through the Chi Institute and is specially qualified to help you develop an individualized diet plan for your furry loved one!  A balanced home cooked diet will be recommended, but if this is not possible then she will help you choose another high quality food that works for your pet and lifestyle.

It is not only the ingredients in food that are important but other properties as well.  In TCVM each food has different thermal energetic properties or "temperatures."  Based on an individual's genetic properties, personality, age, species and disease process/imbalance, Dr. Schmidt will help you formulate a diet to meet the specific needs of your individual animal.