Herbal Medicine

Along with acupuncture, chinese herbs are often used to assist the body in restoring balance.  Herbs are just plants, valued for medicinal, savory or aromatic properties.  Herbal medicine is an ancient practice in many countries.  In fact many of our modern medicines originated from herbs!  Digoxin (a medication for heart arrhythmias) originated from digitalis, better known as foxglove.  Even a medication as well known as aspirin contains salicylates also found in the bark of the willow tree. 

Pharmaceuticals can be taxing on an animal's liver and kidneys while herbs can strengthen these organs. Herbal medications are very safe in animals when used appropriately and sourced from reliable manufacturers.  We source all of our veterinary herbs from Jing Tang Herbal or Kan Herb.  They comply with Good Manufacturing Practices and are tested with chromatography to ensure potency and test for active ingredients.  They are also tested for heavy metals, bacteria, fungus and pesticides, both in-house and at third party labs.  You should feel safe about the herbs that we are prescribing for your pets.

Dr. Schmidt is currently completing her herbal certification through the Chi Institute with intensive instruction by Dr. Huisheng Xie, DVM, PhD, a world renowned veterinary acupuncturist, herbalist and instructor of Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine.